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The Office for Service and Social Action provides financial and informational support to faculty who are interested in obtaining grants to support community service and service learning. Please contact Katrina Boedeker for more information.

Resources Available at the Center

Listed below are materials available at the Office of Service and Social Action to assist in implementing service learning into curriculum. These materials are available to faculty and staff upon request.

Concepts and Models for Service Learning series from the American Association for Higher Education - provides models and plans for integrating service learning in various disciplines. Includes Engineering, Environmental Studies, History, Peace Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies, Sociology, Spanish, and Women's Studies.

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, a bi-annual publication of research and theory in community service learning.

Where's the Learning in Service Learning, by Janet Eyler and Dwight Giles Jr., helps define learning expectations, presents data about learning, and links program data characteristics with learning outcomes.

Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn, by James Riley, discusses to power, the joy, and the simplicity of service.

Engaging the Whole of Service-Learning, Diversity, and Learning Communities, edited by Joseph Galura, Penny Pasque, David Schoem, and Jeffery Howard, presents national trends in higher education and innovative and integrative course models.

To Serve and Learn: The Spirit of Community in Liberal Education, edited by Joseph DeVitis, Robert Johns, and Douglas Simpson, is a collection of essays addressing vital issues in liberal learning and education for community

Students as Colleagues, edited by Edward Zlotkowski, Nicholas Longo, and James Williams, demonstrates how service learning can meet acedemic and community goals while developing student leaders in the process.

Looking In Reaching Out: A Reflective Guide fo Community Service-Learning Professionals, edited by Barbara Jacoby and Pamela Mutascio, is a hands-on guide for service-learning professionals.

Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement, by Sherril Gelmon, Barbara Holland, Amy Driscoll, Amy Spring, and Seanna Kerrigan, offers specific application for understanding the impact of service-learning and civic engagement initiatives.

Quick Hits for Service-Learning, Successful Strategies by Award Winning Teachers, edited by M Cooksey, Kimberly Olivares, presents over 80 examples of innovative curricula, developed by educators in a wide range of disciplines, designed to combine community service with instruction and reflection.

Building Bridges: Connecting Classroom and Community through Service-Learning in Social Studies, Edited by Rahima Wade. A journal of the National Council for the Social Studies provide examples of Service-Learning in Social Studies.

Extending Our Reach: Voices of Service-Learning at Cornell, Edited by Paula Horrigan. Presents information and insight on the Service Learning program at Cornell University.

Making Outreach Visible: A Guide to Documenting Professional Service and Outreach, By Amy Driscoll and Earnest Lynton. Serves as a guide to help recognize and document the scholarly work of faculty and serves as a guide for faculty in the challenge of documenting service.

Expanding Boundaries: Serving and Learning, The Corporation of National Service. Addresses Service-Learning in various professions such as teacher education, legal education, and health education.

A Practitioner's Guide to Reflections in Service-Learning, by Janet Eyler, Dwight Giles Jr., and Angela Schmiede.  Student reflections on activities and assignments of service.

Expanding Boundries: Building Civic Responsibility Within Higher Education, The Corporation for National Service.  A resource for Service-Learning and campus-community relations.

Civic Engagement Across the Curriculum, Richard Battistoni.   A resource book for Service-Learning faculty in all disciplines.